Definitive Healthcare Acquires Populi to Enhance Healthcare Commercial Intelligence


Definitive Healthcare, a leading provider of healthcare commercial intelligence, has announced its acquisition of Populi, a data and analytics company focused on optimizing physician relationships, reducing network leakage, and expanding market share for healthcare organizations. This strategic move strengthens Definitive Healthcare’s position as a leader in healthcare commercial intelligence across various sectors within the healthcare ecosystem, including life sciences, providers, and other diversified industries.

Populi, founded in 2020, offers healthcare commercial intelligence solutions for the provider market, serving major healthcare systems such as the University of Pennsylvania Health System and Henry Ford Health. Its product suites encompass:

  1. Provider Intelligence: Assists organizations in evaluating network integrity, understanding patient outmigration, and targeting providers.
  2. Market Intelligence: Enables analysis of market size and share, patient utilization of services, and competitive insights.
  3. Population Intelligence: Aids in segmenting and targeting consumer audiences, developing campaigns, matching and appending patient records, and implementing digital activation.

Robert Musslewhite, CEO of Definitive Healthcare, highlighted how the acquisition aligns with their strategy of enhancing their offering with new proprietary data and capabilities. The addition of Populi’s solutions enriches Definitive Healthcare’s Atlas Dataset with new data assets, including medical and hospital records, consumer-level data, and social determinants of health. This expanded dataset enables organizations to gain deeper insights into various aspects of their market and patient behavior.

Bill Moschella, CEO and co-founder of Populi, expressed enthusiasm about joining forces with Definitive Healthcare and extending their healthcare commercial intelligence to more organizations across the care continuum. He emphasized the common vision, similar approach to healthcare analytics, and shared cultural values that make this partnership a strong fit.

The acquisition of Populi further enhances Definitive Healthcare’s position as a comprehensive healthcare commercial intelligence provider, enabling clients to uncover market opportunities, target audiences more effectively, and make informed strategic decisions within the healthcare industry.

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