Corlytics Expands Regulatory Intelligence Capabilities with Acquisition of Deloitte UK’s Regtech Platform


Corlytics, a leading regulatory intelligence publisher specializing in content and automated policy compliance, has recently completed the acquisition of a digital regtech platform from Deloitte UK. This strategic move aims to merge Corlytics’ expertise in regulatory monitoring with Deloitte’s robust policy management capabilities, providing a comprehensive solution to navigate the evolving regulatory landscape.

The acquisition comes at a pivotal moment as businesses face a surge in regulatory complexity, with the volume of regulations doubling approximately every three years. With Verdane’s majority stake investment in Corlytics last month, this deal further solidifies Corlytics’ position as a key player in the regtech space.

By integrating Deloitte UK’s regtech platform, Corlytics aims to expand its coverage in Europe and the US while enhancing its platform’s capabilities for global Tier 1 organizations across various sectors, including financial services, Big Tech, and Pharma. The addition of Deloitte’s platform will enable Corlytics to offer end-to-end solutions, from interpreting regulatory changes to mapping policies, thereby empowering organizations to navigate regulatory complexities more effectively.

Corlytics’ recent acquisitions of ING SparQ and Clausematch in 2023 have already positioned the company as a leader in managing the regulatory risk value chain on a global scale. With clients such as ING, BNY Mellon, ScotiaBank, and SwissRe, Corlytics is poised for further growth and expansion in the coming years.

Kent Mackenzie, Partner and Head of RegTech at Deloitte UK, emphasized the synergies between Corlytics and Deloitte’s regtech platform, highlighting the unique value proposition this partnership offers to clients. Mackenzie believes that together, they can address critical challenges in regulatory compliance and elevate the intelligence and value placed on regulatory content and management.

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