Claritas Acquires ArtsAI to Enhance AI-Powered Marketing Solutions


Claritas, a data-driven marketing company known for its proprietary identity graph, has acquired ArtsAI, a leading AI-powered solution provider in the advertising technology sector. ArtsAI was recently ranked as the fastest-growing private Ad Technology company on the Inc. 5000 list for the second consecutive year.

The acquisition will integrate ArtsAI’s patented technology into Claritas’ marketing solution, enhancing users’ ability to drive personalized and profitable campaigns.

Claritas and ArtsAI collectively serve over 1,300 clients, including well-known brands such as Progressive, T-Mobile, agencies like Horizon, MediaCom, and Hearts & Science, and publishers like iHeartMedia and SXM.

This acquisition marks the fourth in a series of strategic acquisitions by Claritas in its five-year transformation journey. The company aims to become a leading closed-loop service provider in the industry, offering independent, third-party solutions for identifying ideal audiences, delivering multichannel engagements, and optimizing campaigns through robust measurement solutions.

Claritas’ proprietary identity graph forms the foundation for its suite of solutions, addressing the evolving needs of agencies, publishers, and brands in the multichannel marketing sector.

The acquisition of ArtsAI is expected to provide a significant advantage in AI-based marketing measurement and optimization, furthering Claritas’ growth and success in the industry. The integration of ArtsAI’s capabilities will allow Claritas to offer AI-driven insights and enhancements throughout the marketing lifecycle, from audience identification to campaign measurement and ROI optimization.

Jim Brennan, Senior Partner at Boston Consulting Group, noted that this acquisition sets Claritas apart by delivering AI advantages across the entire marketing process. The combined capabilities of Claritas and ArtsAI are expected to lead to new product advancements that do not currently exist in the market.

Lauren Russo, EVP Managing Partner at Horizon Media, highlighted Claritas’ unique position to offer insights, campaign activation, and attribution measurement through its identity graph.

With ArtsAI’s technology, Claritas aims to provide marketers with a comprehensive marketing optimization solution, enabling the use of AI to measure audience responses to various ad formats in near real-time. Marketers can dynamically adjust audiences and messages to improve ROI based on these insights.

David Shiffman, EVP Research and Measurement at iHeartMedia, and Keri Degroote, SVP of Sales Research & Analytics at SXM Media, expressed their support for the acquisition and its contribution to transparent third-party measurement in the industry.

Claritas is owned by Carlyle Group, a global investment firm with extensive industry expertise and assets under management of $381 billion as of March 31, 2023.

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