PR Giant Cision Acquires Factmata, Leader in Media Monitoring & Technology

Cision Acquires Factmata


Cision, a global comprehensive communications platform, has acquired Factmata Limited, a cutting-edge social and news media monitoring and analytics product that employs artificial intelligence to identify and track narratives online via articles, blogs, tweets, and other social chatter, highlighting those that could help or hurt brand reputation and value.

Factmata, led by CEO Antony Cousins, is a technological platform that gives factual and unbiased data to help brands, agencies, and organizations understand the online world and which conversations are gaining traction. The startup uses AI to expose narratives driving online conversations, discover unsafe and damaging narratives earlier than a human can, and identify and comprehend significant influencers driving the talks.

Factmata’s award-winning technology provides factual and unbiased insights to brands, agencies, and organizations, allowing them to better comprehend the online world and which topics are gaining traction. Factmata uses AI to expose narratives driving online conversations, detect unsafe and damaging narratives faster than humans, and identify and comprehend influential individuals driving the dialogues.

Cision is a comprehensive communications platform that enables over 100,000 public relations and marketing professionals worldwide to understand, influence, and amplify their stories. Cision, as the market leader, enables the next generation of communication professionals to strategically function in the new media landscape, where public opinion has a direct impact on company success. Cision has operations in 24 countries across the Americas, Europe, and Asia Pacific, and provides a range of best-in-class technologies such as PR Newswire, MultiVu, Brandwatch, Cision Communications Cloud®, and Cision Insights.


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