Chuze Fitness has purchased Bailey’s Health & Fitness


Chuze Fitness, a family-owned health club brand with 44 existing sites across the western United States whose aim is to develop healthier communities through personal connections and kindness, announced today the acquisition of Bailey’s Health & Fitness in Jacksonville.

Bailey’s has been a community mainstay for over 40 years, with 16 locations. With the closure of this purchase, three family-owned and run fitness enterprises that focus on hospitality, cleanliness, and customer service are embarking on the ideal collaboration.

For over 14 years, Chuze Fitness, a family-owned health club company whose aim is to develop healthier communities through human connections and kindness, has been dedicated to providing hospitality and an incredible value offer to the fitness sector.

This dedication, along with its “less attitude, more fitness” mindset, is one of the many reasons Chuze has achieved extraordinary growth in both memberships and sites in recent years. Chuze currently has 44 sites in California, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, and Texas, and is expanding its “affordable fitness for all” campaign across the United States, including a cooperation with Bailey’s Health & Fitness in Jacksonville, Fla.


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