Chartbeat acquires Tubular Labs and Lineup Systems



Chartbeat, a digital publishing software company, has made its first two acquisitions since being purchased by Cuadrilla Capital last year. The company has acquired Tubular Labs, a social video analytics firm, and Lineup Systems, a digital revenue management company. The deals will enable Chartbeat to serve media companies beyond their editorial needs and expand its capabilities to help publishers expand their reach and revenue through an end-to-end service. Together, the three companies will serve over 1,000 media brands in more than 70 countries across the world.

John Saroff, CEO of Chartbeat, said, “To date, media software has been siloed into one group of tools for ‘editorial’ and another for ‘revenue. Our clients increasingly tell us that the silos are collapsing and teams are working together on a singular goal. These teams need to deeply understand reach, engagement, and impact.” The acquisitions will allow Chartbeat to access tools and services that help publishers achieve these goals.

Tubular Labs was founded in 2012 to help web publishers analyze traffic from social media sites. In recent years, the company has focused more heavily on analyzing video engagement as more social media sites pivot towards video. Lineup Systems, which is headquartered in the U.K., was founded in 2009 to help publishers monetize their web content, mostly through advertising and subscriptions.

Chartbeat sold to Cuadrilla Capital to access the support it needed to scale its business beyond providing traffic analytics for publishers on the editorial side to helping media companies build their entire businesses. “Storytelling begins with ideation, moves to distribution, and is funded with monetization. With these acquisitions, Chartbeat is well poised to support media companies as they find new pathways to growth,” said Saroff.

The acquisitions mark an important step for Chartbeat as it seeks to broaden its services beyond its core offering of editorial analytics. The company’s new capabilities will allow it to support media companies across the entire value chain, from ideation to distribution to monetization. As media companies increasingly look for integrated solutions that can help them compete in a crowded marketplace, Chartbeat’s end-to-end service is likely to be in high demand.

Chartbeat’s acquisitions come at a time of rapid change in the media industry. With social media platforms playing an increasingly important role in how people consume news and other content, media companies need to be able to track engagement and measure the impact of their content across a wide range of channels. The acquisitions will allow Chartbeat to offer publishers a more comprehensive suite of tools to help them succeed in this challenging environment.

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