AMD Acquires Mipsology, a French AI Software Company


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Advanced Micro Devices Inc. (AMD) has expanded its presence in the artificial intelligence (AI) landscape by acquiring Mipsology, a French AI software company. Mipsology specializes in AI software that enables computers to interpret and respond to images and videos. AMD’s acquisition of Mipsology reflects its ongoing efforts to enhance its AI capabilities and compete with industry giants like Nvidia Corp. and Intel Corporation.

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Palaiseau, France, Mipsology has developed the Zebra AI software, which can be deployed on existing hardware. This software is designed to accelerate AMD’s solutions for AI workloads, catering to various applications such as autonomous vehicles, manufacturing robotics, smart retail, and responsive traffic management.

The acquisition aligns with AMD’s strategic goals and broader initiatives within the AI sector. It also signifies the company’s determination to stay competitive in the rapidly evolving AI technology landscape. The move comes as AMD prepares to make major product announcements, likely related to graphics chips, at Gamescom 2023 in Germany. Additionally, AMD is exploring the development of AI chips for the Chinese market to comply with U.S. export controls, a path similar to that pursued by Nvidia and Intel.

In recent times, AMD introduced the MI300X, a cutting-edge AI chip hailed as its most advanced GPU for artificial intelligence. While AMD initially considered a production partnership with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSM), the company eventually opted to collaborate with Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. for its AI chip development.

The acquisition of Mipsology serves as another strategic step by AMD to strengthen its AI capabilities, solidify its position in the AI market, and enhance its competitiveness against other industry players.

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