Amazon Web Services Announces Layoffs Impacting Hundreds of Employees


In a recent development, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has initiated significant layoffs affecting hundreds of employees across sales, marketing, and technical departments. This move marks the latest wave of job cuts within Amazon.com, the parent company of AWS.

Reports indicate that Amazon.com has been undergoing restructuring efforts, resulting in layoffs across various divisions, including Prime Video, healthcare, and the Alexa voice assistant unit, over the past two years. The recent layoffs have particularly impacted employees in AWS’ sales, marketing, and global services division, as well as the physical stores technology team.

An AWS spokesperson acknowledged the layoffs, stating, “We have identified a few targeted areas of the organization we need to streamline.” This restructuring aligns with broader organizational changes within AWS, potentially under the leadership of sales chief Matt Garman.

The affected employees, primarily from AWS’ 60,000-strong sales, marketing, and global services division, are part of a strategic realignment aimed at optimizing operational efficiency.

These layoffs add to Amazon’s history of workforce adjustments, with over 27,000 employees having been laid off by the company over the past two years.

The news of these layoffs underscores the ongoing evolution and optimization efforts within Amazon.com and its subsidiary, AWS, as they navigate changing market dynamics and strategic priorities.

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