Writer Raises $100 Million Series B Funding to Expand Generative AI for Enterprises

Writer initially raised $5 million in seed funding in 2020 and secured a $21 million Series A round in 2021.


Writer, a prominent full-stack generative AI platform catering to enterprises, has secured $100 million in a Series B funding round. The funding is led by ICONIQ Growth, with participation from WndrCo, Balderton Capital, Insight Partners, and Aspect Ventures.

Notably, several of Writer’s customers, including Accenture and Vanguard, have also invested in this round, and Doug Pepper from ICONIQ Growth has joined the board.

This Series B funding will be utilized to further enhance the company’s industry-specific large language models (LLMs) and to incorporate agent and multimodal capabilities into its LLMs. Writer stands out as the only generative AI platform specifically designed for enterprise applications, empowering various departments within an organization, such as support, operations, product development, sales, HR, and marketing, to accelerate growth, enhance productivity, and ensure governance.

Writer’s platform distinguishes itself from other generative AI solutions by facilitating seamless integration of generative AI into business processes. It comprises Writer-built LLMs, a Knowledge Graph to integrate with business data sources, and an application layer featuring chat interfaces, prebuilt templates, and composable UI options.

Writer’s models achieve high scores on critical benchmarks like Stanford HELM and can be self-hosted, offering the security benefits of custom model development with the speed-to-value advantages of an end-to-end solution.

May Habib, CEO, and co-founder of Writer, emphasized the platform’s value, particularly in the “last mile” of quality in generative AI applications, which can be particularly challenging for CIOs. She highlighted how Writer assists enterprises in achieving this quality at scale, which is reflected in their customers’ desire to invest in the company.

Doug Pepper, General Partner at ICONIQ Growth, noted that Writer’s ability to apply generative AI across various enterprise departments positions it as a leader in the industry, especially as generative AI gains traction within enterprises.

Justin Wexler from WndrCo highlighted Writer’s potential to resonate with Fortune 500 companies and beyond, emphasizing its role in enhancing creativity and productivity in the workplace.

Writer’s platform has exhibited strong growth, with revenues increasing tenfold in the past two years and over 150% net revenue retention. The platform has returned an average of 7.5 hours of productivity per employee per week, according to a study involving over 50 enterprise customers.

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