Vivodyne Raises $38M in Seed Funding to Advance Lab-Grown Human Organs for Drug Discovery


Biotech startup Vivodyne has secured $38 million in seed funding, led by Khosla Ventures and featuring participation from Kairos Ventures, CS Ventures, MBX Capital, and Bison Ventures. Vivodyne stands out in the pharmaceutical sector for its groundbreaking approach to drug discovery, leveraging lab-grown human organs to provide more effective and accurate insights into potential drug candidates.

This funding round comes as the company continues its mission to revolutionize drug development by enabling the testing of new therapies directly on lab-grown human tissues, offering realistic and scalable human-predictive data.

The biotech firm has already bioengineered more than 20 types of human organ tissues, replicating native human physiology to accurately simulate the effects of various therapies at the cellular, tissue, organ, and systemic levels. Vivodyne’s innovative platform seeks to address one of the major bottlenecks in drug development, offering a solution for gathering human-predictive data that is both realistic and scalable.

Vivodyne’s platform allows the cultivation, dosing, and analysis of more than 10,000 individual human tissues simultaneously, employing robotic automation to generate vast datasets. This data, derived from lab-grown human test subjects, powers an advanced AI stack for drug discovery, providing predictive human data before therapeutics enter clinical trials.

The company’s approach significantly enhances the predictive accuracy of AI in drug development and holds the promise of improving the success rates of AI-generated drugs.

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