Vertex Leads $4M Investment in CARV to Build Gaming Credential and Data Infrastructure



CARV has raised $4M in seed funding led by Vertex, Temasek Holding’s venture capital arm, with participation from EVOS (ATTN Group), SNACKCLUB, Infinity Ventures Crypto, YGG SEA, UpHonest Capital, Lyrik Ventures, Lintentry Foundation, PAKADAO, 7UpDAO, Angel Investor Aliaksandr Hadzilin (NEAR’s co-founder), among others. Many investors contribute infrastructural and gaming ecosystem synergies to CARV, particularly in the markets of the United States, Europe, Latin America, and Southeast Asia.

The Los Angeles-based startup set out with the goal of providing gamers with data sovereignty through gaming credentials. CARV is developing data infrastructure and analytics to help gaming companies accurately recognize gamer actions, gain an insight-driven understanding of the user base, and successfully reach the desired set of players.

After graduating from UPenn Wharton’s Cypher Blockchain Accelerator, CARV launched its Alpha version in May 2022. CARV has since integrated with over 20 blockchains and enabled over 300,000 registered users to view their all-in-one achievement display. CARV’s Guardian Program is a credential-based governance experiment in which over 2000 community members applied to contribute to community management and content creation. CARV has also collaborated with over 100 game studios. Triple-A and innovative games from around the world, such as Illuvium, Apeiron, Splinterlands, Genopets, Delysium, Drawshop Kingdom, Big Time, Ultiverse, and others, are among these game partners.

With the new funding, CARV will hire more people and continue to build an interoperable credential infrastructure with ecosystem partners. CARV’s team is based in Silicon Valley, Los Angeles, and Singapore, allowing it to tap into each region’s vast engineering, product development, and game operations talent pools. Many members of the CARV team have previously worked at product-first tech and gaming companies such as Google, Twitter, TikTok, Reddit, dLive.tv, Facebook, Microsoft, Tencent, and Garena.

CARV is constantly expanding its gaming space with partners. CARV recently formed collaborations with 30+ BNBChain games and ecosystem partners and launched a mega campaign – BNBChain Game CARVnival – from November 22 to December 9, consisting of tournaments, game nights, insightful AMAs, and various in-game quests with rich rewards supported by partners.

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