Venti Technologies Announces Series A Funding of $28.8 Million to Automate Global Logistics and Industrial Hubs


Venti Technologies

Venti Technologies, a global leader in autonomous logistics for global supply chains and industrial hubs, today announced a Series A financing of $28.8 million. LG Technology Ventures, the LG Group’s Silicon Valley-based venture capital arm, led the financing round, with participation from Safar Partners, UOB Venture Management, and existing investors Alpha JWC and LDV Partners.

The funds will be used to accelerate Venti’s growth and meet rising customer demand worldwide. Trillions of dollars of goods pass through global supply chains and industrial hubs each year, including ports, airports, factories, warehouses, and depots.

These hubs are confronted with significant challenges such as driver shortages, supply disruptions, and safety concerns.

Venti’s full-stack autonomy solutions do not require any changes to existing infrastructure and can be used with any vehicle in any logistics or industrial hub.

After three years of development in one of the world’s busiest container ports, the company’s fleets can navigate complex environments and heavy traffic with unrivaled precision, and can park 45-foot tractor-trailers with one-inch accuracy.

Venti Technologies is a global leader in self-driving logistics for the global supply chain and industrial hubs such as ports, airports, warehouses, factories, and depots.

The company, which was founded in 2018 by a team with strong roots at MIT, is pioneering the future of transportation for moving goods. Customers benefit from its highly flexible and industrial grade precision technology, which enables rapid deployment as well as best-in-class safety and operational efficiency.

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