Unwritten Raises $3.5M to Integrate Climate Change into Investment Strategies


London-based startup Unwritten aims to bridge this gap by infusing climate change considerations into every investment decision. Recently rebranded from Dovetail Finance, Unwritten secured $3.5 million in seed funding to propel its mission forward.

Led by London-based software VC Connect Ventures, alongside climate-focused VC Planet A Ventures and a consortium of industry and academia investors including Sand River and Adapt Nation Capital, the funding will enable Unwritten to integrate climate change factors into capital allocation strategies.

Founded in 2022 by Dr. Phillip Marks and Amos Wittenberg, both former executives at Palantir Technologies, Unwritten leverages cutting-edge technology to translate the complexities of climate change into actionable financial insights. The company boasts a board of esteemed academic advisors, including Prof. Cameron Hepburn from the University of Oxford, ensuring its approach aligns with the latest intellectual frameworks.

Unwritten’s innovative approach involves translating climate system dynamics into firm-level financial data, utilizing big data techniques to model interactions between regions, sectors, policies, and technologies. This enables Unwritten to provide comprehensive analytics covering private and public companies, facilitating informed decision-making across the investment spectrum.

Amos Wittenberg, CEO of Unwritten, emphasized the role of analytics in empowering organizations to navigate the climate transition effectively. “Great analytics help people ask the right questions in the right language, to inform the decisions their organizations make,” said Wittenberg. “Unwritten makes financial sense of the climate transition — not to predict the future, but so our clients can make the capital allocation decisions to build it.”

With climate change posing both risks and opportunities for global capital markets, Unwritten’s vision is to integrate transition risk intelligence into investment practices, akin to the use of audited financial statements. Rory Stirling, Partner at Connect Ventures, expressed enthusiasm for partnering with Unwritten, citing their unique insights, technical capabilities, and vision in the burgeoning field of climate risk intelligence.

As Unwritten continues to pioneer the integration of climate considerations into investment strategies, the convergence of climate science and finance promises to reshape the future of investment decision-making, driving the transition towards a sustainable, low-carbon economy.

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