UnitX Raises $5M from SE Ventures to Elevate Manufacturing Quality with AI-powered Defect Detection


UnitX, a robotics company specializing in AI vision systems to enhance quality and yield management in manufacturing, has secured a $5 million investment from SE Ventures. SE Ventures is a Silicon Valley-based venture fund with backing from Schneider Electric, a global leader in energy and automation.

UnitX offers advanced inspection and defect detection capabilities to manufacturing clients through its software-defined vision system, “OptiX,” and edge AI compute platform, “CorteX.” This technology significantly improves the detection of visual defects that may go unnoticed by human inspectors or legacy machine vision systems. Partnering with UnitX enables customers to reduce waste, enhance yield rates, and maintain the highest quality standards.

Varun Jain, General Partner at SE Ventures, praised UnitX for its product and market approach, emphasizing its potential to deliver substantial ROI to large enterprise customers. Jain also highlighted UnitX’s focus on underserved market segments, such as electric vehicle and lithium-ion battery manufacturing, which are poised for significant capacity expansion.

Keven Wang, CEO, and Co-Founder of UnitX, described the company as one of the fastest-growing players in its category, with its systems deployed on the production lines of leading manufacturers in the lithium battery and automotive sectors. He expressed the belief that SE Ventures’ deep domain knowledge, combined with Schneider Electric’s market-leading automation and software solutions, would enable UnitX to deliver even greater value to manufacturers on a larger scale.

The investment from SE Ventures will support UnitX in expanding its geographical presence and advancing its mission to enhance the quality, traceability, and profitability of manufacturing operations.

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