Trala Raises $8M Series A Funding



Trala, the unique online music school, is pleased to announce the completion of its $8 million Series A fundraising round, which was headed by Seven Seven Six and included Lachy Groom Fund, Altman Capital, Next Play Ventures, and Concrete Rose Ventures. Trala’s total funding now stands at $15 million, supporting the company’s objective to make world-class music instruction available to everyone on the planet.

Trala’s one-of-a-kind platform combines cutting-edge technology that listens to users’ instruments and delivers rapid feedback with individualized 1-on-1 lessons from a diverse and brilliant faculty. Trala’s goal is to provide possibilities for a new generation of artists who would not otherwise have had access to music education.

The online music school has already attracted 1,000 students from a wide range of backgrounds, including truck drivers, legislators, firefighters, grandmothers, physicians, construction workers, and others. The company welcomes everyone and looks forward to its expanding community.

Trala had 14X growth in 2022, adding 30 new music teachers to its roster. Trala will be able to continue developing its core offering for studying the violin with the new funding while also investigating additional instrument alternatives. During the next two years, the company plans to hire up to 300 more musicians, adding to its thriving network of music teachers and students.

Trala is an online music school dedicated to making world-class music education accessible to everyone, regardless of age, location, or genre preference. By combining cutting-edge technology with personalized lessons from diverse, talented teachers, Trala empowers a new generation of musicians who may not have had access to music education before.

Trala sees a future in which global access to high-quality music education enables hundreds of millions of new individuals to study an instrument for the first time, eventually leading to the music industry experiencing a “all-ships-rise” moment. This expansion will result in more artists, more instrument sales, and a plethora of new music, igniting a virtuous cycle of learning and teaching.

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