Tobiko Data Raises $21.8M to Enhance Data Infrastructure Solutions


Tobiko Data, a data infrastructure startup based in San Mateo, CA, has successfully raised $21.8 million in funding. The amount includes $4.5 million from a Seed funding round led by Unusual Ventures and $17.3 million from a Series A round led by Theory Ventures.

Key Highlights:

  • Total Funding: $21.8 million
  • Seed Round: $4.5 million led by Unusual Ventures
  • Series A Round: $17.3 million led by Theory Ventures
  • Notable Participants: 20Sales, Fivetran CEO George Fraser, Census CEO Boris Jabes, and MotherDuck CEO Jordan Tigani.
  • Board Addition: Tomasz Tunguz, Founder of Theory Ventures, joins Tobiko Data’s Board of Directors.

Purpose of Funding:

The company plans to use the funds to further invest in its open-source projects SQLMesh and SQLGlot, alongside developing its managed cloud and enterprise versions.

Company Overview:

  • Founders: Tyson Mao, Toby Mao, and Iaroslav Zeigerman
  • Location: San Mateo, CA
  • Core Products: SQLMesh and SQLGlot

SQLMesh is an innovative data transformation platform designed to automate the construction of data pipelines. This platform enables data professionals to focus more on business insights rather than infrastructure management by reducing manual data wrangling and increasing warehouse cost efficiency.

SQLGlot, a pivotal component of SQLMesh, is an open-source SQL parser, transpiler, and translator that supports 24 different SQL dialects. This tool streamlines SQL processing, making it easier to handle complex data transformations across various SQL environments.

Statements from Key Figures:

  • Tomasz Tunguz, Founder of Theory Ventures:
    “We are thrilled to support Tobiko Data in their mission to revolutionize data infrastructure. Their open-source projects, SQLMesh and SQLGlot, offer significant advancements in automating data workflows, ultimately driving efficiency and innovation in data management.”
  • Tyson Mao, Co-founder of Tobiko Data:
    “The funding will enable us to continue developing our open-source projects and expand our managed cloud and enterprise solutions. We are committed to reducing the complexity of data pipeline construction and enhancing productivity for data professionals.”

Vision and Impact:

Tobiko Data aims to streamline data infrastructure processes, making data management more efficient and less resource-intensive. By investing in their open-source initiatives and expanding their commercial offerings, the company is set to drive significant improvements in how businesses handle and utilize their data.

With the $21.8 million funding, Tobiko Data is well-positioned to advance its innovative data infrastructure solutions. The company’s focus on automating data pipeline construction through SQLMesh and SQLGlot will likely lead to enhanced efficiency and cost savings for organizations managing large volumes of data.

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