TigerBeetle Raises $6.4M to power the financial accounting infrastructure of the future



TigerBeetle, a software company operates as a distributed financial accounting database for mission-critical safety and performance recently raises $6.4 million in Seed funding. The funding was led by Amplify Partners.

TigerBeetle comments about this funding round in their blog were:

“With an open source production release of TigerBeetle on the horizon, Coil decided to invest and spin out TigerBeetle as a startup, with sentientwaffle and kprotty from Coil joining me for the adventure, along with Phil Eaton, S.M Mukarram Nainar, Jamie Brandon, matklad, and Federico Lorenzi.

Concurrently, we met Lenny Pruss and Natalie Vais of Amplify Partners through Jamie’s HYTRADBOI database conference. There was something special about Amplify—Lenny and Natalie were as excited about database research as we were, and were early investors in our favorite database startups.

We are therefore thrilled to announce TigerBeetle’s Series Seed of $6.4 million led by Amplify Partners, with Coil as equal partners.”

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