The State of Iowa awards a $3,915,000 WIF Grant toThe State of Iowa awards a $3,915,000 WIF Grant to AgCertain Industries, Inc


AgCertain Industries Inc. is pleased to announce that its subsidiary, AgCertain Boone, LLC, has been awarded $3,915,000 from the State of Iowa Water Infrastructure Fund program to meet current and future needs. This award is part of Governor Kim Reynolds’ $100 million investment in Iowa’s water infrastructure and water quality efforts, which are aimed at encouraging the reuse of water and wastewater and providing significant economic benefits to communities and the state.

Iowa has a long history of innovation to improve water quality and sustainability, and these projects build on that legacy,Governor Reynolds said. We rely on our land and water to provide for future generations in Iowa, which is why we are committed to protecting, preserving, and restoring Iowa’s water resources.

AgCertain’s processes are optimized for efficiency and sustainability. By eliminating unnecessary wastewater movement, the project aims to protect valuable water resources while also lowering the carbon intensity of AgCertain’s products.

This project is expected to reduce water usage in the City of Boone by nearly 85% and reduce water transportation costs by more than $1.2 million per year once completed.

We are grateful to Governor Reynolds, the Iowa Economic Development Authority, and the State of Iowa for assisting us in accelerating our planned expansion in Boone as a multi-product, multi-service business focused on specialty food, agricultural, and bio-based products, says AgCertain President & CEO Daniel Oh.

The support of the State of Iowa and local leaders in Boone and Ames has further demonstrated that Central Iowa is an excellent location for us to build and grow our business.

AgCertain provides products and services where identity preservation and traceability are critical, thanks to highly certified, dependable operations. AgCertain is committed to developing specialized, high-value products that address the growing desire to know where products come from and how they are manufactured.

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