Terminal49 Raises $6.5m Series A to Power Ocean Freight Visibility and Automation



Terminal49, the leading ocean freight visibility platform, announced today that it has raised $6.5 million in Series A funding led by Stage 2 Capital and co-led by Grand Venture Partners, with follow-on funding from seed stage investors totaling $8.7 million.

Terminal49’s API collects real-time ocean shipment and container data from shipping lines and terminals, standardizing the information and organizing it into a centralized and searchable dashboard. A push-based API is also available for accessing the data. Instead of searching dozens of websites and manually managing container milestones in spreadsheets, Terminal49 customers have instant access to up-to-date container statuses, allowing them to identify containers at risk and make cost-saving decisions more quickly.

Over a million containers are tracked by Terminal49 for hundreds of customers worldwide, including Wayfair, Hillebrand, and Mazda USA. Customers rely on Terminal49’s dashboard and API data to track, manage, and optimize ocean freight operations, saving them hundreds of hours of manual tracking each week and thousands of dollars in demurrage and per-diem fees.

Terminal49 connects to every major ocean carrier, as well as all US and Canadian terminals, and has recently added Southampton and London Gateway terminals. The information gathered from these integrations accounts for 98% of all global ocean freight and container traffic.

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