Tax And Accounting SaaS Startup Inkle Raises $1.5 Million


Inkle, a chat-based US CPA SaaS product, has raised $1.5 million in pre-seed funding to assist these businesses with bookkeeping, tax, and compliance filings via its software solution for US cross-border companies. Picus Capital, Saison Capital, and Force Ventures all contributed to the round of funding.

Inkle, which was bootstrapped and in stealth until now, has increased revenues to hundreds of thousands of dollars seven times in the last year. It has quietly established itself as a strong leader in the US-India trade corridor.

The platform is now expanding into new corridors such as US-Canada and US-LATAM, as well as new industries such as cryptocurrency taxes. According to the company’s statement, customers include leading technology companies such as Salesken, Mailmodo, Zoko, and DriveTrain.

Accounting, tax, and compliance software tooling is a major customer need, and thus indispensable in the current economic climate, due to the obligatory nature and zero default requirements. Inkle’s full-stack SaaS offering places it at the crossroads of customers, CPAs, accounting tools, and authorities, clearly making workflows more efficient and error-free.

Inkle, co-founded by Anand Krishna in late 2021 and later joined by Ranvir Singh in 2022, is an asynchronous human chat platform that combines a strong accounting outsourcing industry (based in India), an English-speaking workforce, cost arbitrage, and SaaS engineering know-how – creating the ideal ingredients to address a major pain point.

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