Tausight® Additional $6 Million in Financing for Healthcare AI-powered Data Security


Tausight, a pioneer in AI-powered data security for the healthcare industry, has raised an additional $6 million in financing to expand its market presence, drive customer growth, and further develop its patented AI technology. The funding round was led by Polaris Capital, with participation from Flare Capital Partners and .406 Ventures.

Tausight® offers an AI-based data security platform specifically designed to safeguard sensitive healthcare data from cyber attacks. The company’s platform automates the identification and classification of electronic protected health information (PHI), enhancing the protection of patients’ confidential information. The recent expansion of Tausight’s platform covers more categories of sensitive healthcare data, enabling the company to address critical customer needs and serve new segments of the healthcare market.

David Ting, Tausight’s founder and Chief Technology Officer, expressed the company’s commitment to proactive data protection and cybersecurity in the healthcare industry. Tausight’s innovative approach to healthcare cybersecurity, driven by AI technology, aims to address the growing challenges posed by cyber threats and data breaches in the industry.

As the healthcare industry faces an increasing number of cyber threats and ransomware attacks, Tausight’s advanced AI-powered solutions are well-positioned to help healthcare providers, payors, and third-party security solutions better identify, detect, and protect their most sensitive data.

Tausight’s expansion and funding round align with the broader industry focus on strengthening cybersecurity measures and protecting against data breaches. The company’s platform is poised to play a crucial role in helping healthcare organizations fortify their cybersecurity vulnerabilities and ensure the integrity of patient data.

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