Takes Launches Interactive Live Sports Interaction App Following $1.6 Million Pre-Seed Raise


Takes, an innovative sports experience app, has officially launched out of beta following a successful pre-seed raise of $1.6 million. The app, backed by notable figures in the sports industry, including Riccardo Silva (Co-Owner of AC Milan and Miami FC), Carlo Pozzali (Co-Founder of MP & Silva), Astralis Capital (a digital sports and gambling-focused fund), and Joe Inzerillo (CTO at Sirius and Tech Visionary behind MLBAM & BAMTech), is designed to revolutionize the way sports fans engage with their favorite teams and events. Takes is launching initially at 15+ college campuses across the United States.

Developed by former MLB and Amazon product executive, Michael Iams, Takes provides a dynamic platform where sports enthusiasts can create their sportscaster-quality video commentary, interact with friends and fellow fans, make live predictions, and access highlights, stats, and analysis.

CEO and Co-Founder of Takes, Michael Iams, emphasized the essence of sports – those captivating moments that resonate with passionate fans. Takes aims to elevate these moments by offering users an experience akin to being at a sports bar with their closest friends. The app leverages AI-driven personalization, live interactions, and content co-creation to cater to the next generation of sports fans, who primarily engage with sports content on their mobile devices.

Powered by advanced AI, Takes customizes content feeds based on users’ preferences, allowing them to follow their favorite teams, track fantasy leagues, and stay updated on key players. Users can connect with fellow fans in real-time, fostering engaging conversations and building a vibrant sports community.

Takes offers a comprehensive suite of creator tools and real-time statistics, enabling users to become color commentators themselves. These tools include picture-in-picture editing, telestrators for marking up live plays, and augmented reality filters to express their fandom.

COO and Co-Founder of Takes, Liz Ludwig, emphasized the app’s ability to address the unique needs of Gen Z sports fans. She pointed out that this demographic seeks more than passive content consumption; they desire interactive and personalized experiences that seamlessly integrate with their digital-native lifestyle. Takes was created to fulfill this demand, allowing fans not only to watch but also actively participate in and discuss the games they love in real-time.

Takes’ official launch marks a significant step forward in the realm of sports engagement. With backing from industry veterans and a robust set of features, the app is poised to redefine how sports fans interact with their favorite teams and events. It caters to the preferences of the modern, digitally-savvy sports enthusiast, offering them an interactive and immersive platform to connect, engage, and enjoy sports in a whole new way.

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