Tabular Raises $26 Million for Independent Data Platform based on Apache Iceberg

The funding will be used to expand Tabular's served market beyond AWS to Google Cloud, Azure, and MinIO object storage for on-premises and hybrid cloud deployment.


Tabular, a provider of an independent data platform based on Apache Iceberg, has secured $26 million in funding. The round was led by Altimeter Capital, with participation from Andreessen Horowitz, which led the previous funding round, and Zetta Venture Partners.

Tabular offers a cloud-native SaaS platform that allows organizations to manage and query data stored in cloud object storage using the Apache Iceberg format. Apache Iceberg is an open-source table format that provides complete database functionality on top of cloud object storage. It is designed to enable organizations to query data in a cloud-agnostic way and to avoid data lock-in with modular storage.

The funding will be used to expand Tabular’s served market beyond AWS to Google Cloud, Azure, and MinIO object storage for on-premises and hybrid cloud deployment. It will also support the development of new marketplace offerings.

Tabular is the only independent Iceberg vendor in the market, and it does not offer its own compute layer, allowing customers to mix-and-match query engines to meet their needs. It provides features like compute-neutrality, data-layer security, integrated ingestion, automated performance optimization, and SaaS simplicity.

The platform aims to give organizations more flexibility and control over their data storage and compute choices in a cloud-native environment.

Ryan Blue, co-founder of Tabular and PMC Chair for Apache Iceberg, said, “With Iceberg, businesses gain the freedom to query data however they like, and to secure their data through a single set of access controls.”

Tabular’s platform is designed to simplify data engineering and data science tasks by eliminating the challenges of managing and querying data in cloud object storage. It offers centralized role-based access control (RBAC), automated performance optimization, and near-real-time data loading capabilities.

The company’s platform supports various compute engines and frameworks, providing organizations with the flexibility to choose the most suitable options for their specific use cases.

Tabular has received recognition in the industry, including being named one of The Information’s 50 Most Promising Startups and the Forbes Cloud 100. The company was founded by Ryan Blue, Dan Weeks, and Jason Reid, who were formerly part of Netflix.

The funding will help Tabular expand its offerings to Google Cloud Platform, extend its support for Amazon Athena, and broaden its reach in the data management and analytics market.

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