Synthpop Raises $2.6 Million in Seed Funding for Healthcare AI Assistants


Synthpop, a healthcare technology company, has secured $2.6 million in seed funding to support its launch of a connected system of AI assistants for healthcare workflow automation. The company’s AI assistants are designed to assist healthcare professionals with tasks such as data entry, connecting patient charts to clinical guidelines, responding to denials and record requests, and providing real-time feedback during patient visits.

These AI assistants are trained using existing medical data, ensuring HIPAA compliance and high accuracy right out of the box.

The team behind Synthpop includes individuals with extensive experience in healthcare and technology. Drew Copeland, Director of Clinical Operations, emphasized the relief that Synthpop’s AI solutions can bring to healthcare workers by handling time-consuming tasks. Jan Jannink, CTO and Co-Founder, highlighted the company’s unique method of de-identifying medical records to fine-tune AI models while maintaining privacy and security.

Elad Ferber, CEO and Co-Founder, expressed the company’s mission to make healthcare systems more efficient and patient-centric.

The seed funding of $2.6 million was provided by a group of investors including Zelda Ventures, OVO Fund, Page One Ventures, Newfund, Think+ Ventures, AI Operators Fund, Flexcap, and Captra Capital.

This funding will enable Synthpop to further develop and deploy its AI assistants to support healthcare professionals in their daily tasks and improve the efficiency of healthcare workflows.

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