Symmetry Systems Secures $17.7 Million to Expand AI-Powered Data Security Platform


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Symmetry Systems, a cutting-edge AI-powered data-centric security company, has successfully concluded an inside funding round, raising $17.7 million. The round included participation from repeat investors ForgePoint Capital and Prefix Capital, as well as new participants W11 Capital Management and TSG (The Syndicate Group), a strategic investor with a focus on channel partnerships.

Symmetry Systems is dedicated to safeguarding global data, ensuring resilience, and empowering modern data-centric enterprises to thrive with confidence. The company recognizes two significant trends shaping the contemporary landscape: the increasing sophistication in data utilization, from datalakes to generative AI, and the evolving security paradigm in the cloud, where data and identity assume primary roles in security controls.

In response to these trends, Symmetry Systems is on a mission to provide robust security solutions centered around data and identities. The company’s approach is to offer exceptional visibility into each data object, its access permissions, and its usage patterns. This enables secure and agile innovation within modern enterprises, facilitating collaboration and growth.

Mohit Tiwari, Co-Founder and CEO of Symmetry Systems, emphasized the importance of their data-centric approach: “Spectacular data applications need a new kind of security — as long as we provide great visibility into every data object, who has access to it and what they’re doing with it, we can enable safe and agile innovation within modern companies where everyone can collaborate confidently.”

In an era characterized by remote-first operations and generative AI, organizations must harness their data to thrive and remain resilient. However, many organizations lack insights into their data assets, access controls, and usage patterns, leading to either excessive data lockdown or unmanaged risks in cloud and data lakes.

Symmetry Systems addresses this challenge by enabling secure data flow across business units, into the cloud, and within data lakes, enhancing both speed and safety. Their platform is trusted by partners such as managed security service providers, incident response teams, and global system integrators (GSIs) like Accenture, who rely on Symmetry to proactively fortify customer data against risks and respond swiftly with data-object level precision during incidents.

Recognizing that data security is a shared responsibility across an organization, Symmetry is also working on a natural language interface based on Large Language Models (LLMs). This interface aims to empower business users, developers, and data teams with a collaborative tool that helps them understand security and compliance risks associated with data and actions, while offering actionable insights for iterative improvements.

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