Summus Raised $19.5 Million to Expand Specialty Care Access Solutions


Image / Unplash

Virtual health company Summus has raised $19.5 million in funding to support its mission of solving the access problem to high-quality physicians in specialty care. Summus operates a proprietary marketplace model that connects patients, families, caregivers, and physicians to share and access specialty expertise, offering guidance, advocacy, and navigation for various health questions and stages of the healthcare journey.

With this latest investment, Summus has raised a total of $70 million to expand its innovative approach to care. The company works with leading employers, health plans, physician groups, and medical institutions to provide solutions that improve access to quality care and enhance outcomes.

Summus’s platform aims to empower individuals to connect with high-quality physicians quickly, allowing for better-informed decisions and optimized treatment paths. Their services have been positively received by patients and physicians alike, with 98% of Summus members reporting a better understanding of their healthcare journey.

Mitchell Rales, Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Danaher Corporation, noted that Summus is evolving to meet the growing demand for its solutions across the healthcare ecosystem.

Julian Flannery, Summus CEO and Co-founder, emphasized the importance of quick access to high-quality physicians for peace of mind, optimizing treatment, and achieving better healthcare outcomes. The investment will be used to scale the organization’s growth, including supporting primary care physicians in a peer-to-peer environment and enhancing personalized patient journeys for accessing specialty care.

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