Sublime Systems Secures $40 Million Series A


Sublime Systems, a developer of decarbonized cement technology, announced today the completion of a $40 million Series A investment round headed by climate-tech focused firm Lowercarbon Capital, with participation from previous investors including The Engine, Energy Impact Partners, and others. Siam Cement Group, Southeast Asia’s largest cement maker, is also a strategic investor. The extra money will be used to ramp up production at the company’s pilot facility, develop its team, undertake product testing, and progress offtake agreements from new clients and partners.

Cement production accounts for about 8% of worldwide CO2 emissions. Low-carbon cement production is crucial for electrifying heavy industry and meeting global decarbonization targets. Sublime’s proprietary process replaces kilns, which are the most energy and fossil fuel-intensive part of the traditional cement manufacturing process, with an electrolyzer that produces cement at room temperature from a variety of abundant calcium sources, avoiding both the use of fossil fuels and the release of CO2 from limestone. Sublime is the first company to create cement using a technology that removes both limestone emissions and fossil fuel emissions from the high temperature firing process.

Sublime Systems is a leading developer of technology to produce decarbonized cement, with a goal to address 8 percent of the world’s carbon emissions. Sublime replaces the industry’s legacy fossil-fueled kilns with an electrochemical process that makes cement at ambient temperature, resulting in an economical cement with both low embodied CO2 and low embodied energy. The process greatly reduces CO2 emissions without the need for post-combustion carbon capture. Sublime was founded in 2020, as a spin-out of MIT.

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