StealthMole Secures $7M Series A Funding to Expand AI-Powered Dark Web Intelligence Platform


StealthMole, a cutting-edge startup harnessing AI for dark web intelligence and cyber threat detection, has successfully closed a $7 million Series A funding round. The Singapore-based company, with a research and development hub in South Korea, plans to utilize the fresh investment to bolster its R&D capabilities and further penetrate the B2B market while expanding its geographical footprint.

The strategic positioning of its R&D office in South Korea enables StealthMole to gain valuable insights into the tactics employed by hackers in East Asia. Simon Choi, the company’s Chief Technology Officer, emphasized the significance of having researchers from diverse backgrounds in different regions, such as Singapore for Southeast Asia, to enhance their data analysis capabilities.

Founded in 2022 by Louis Hur, an expert in enterprise IT security, and Simon Choi, a seasoned threat investigator with a background in open-source intelligence, StealthMole caters to a diverse clientele spanning 17 countries across Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. Its clientele includes government agencies, law enforcement, and cybersecurity teams within enterprises, offering crucial support in managing cybersecurity incidents and analyzing threats.

Louis Hur highlighted the critical market gap that inspired the inception of StealthMole—a lack of comprehensive data points and information networks, particularly within Asia. Leveraging its expertise, the startup aims to address the growing challenges posed by cybercrimes, emphasizing the importance of regional context in understanding digital threats.

One of StealthMole’s key strengths lies in its ability to trace criminals using a vast dataset comprising 255 billion analyzed data points sourced from the dark web, deep web, and various hidden platforms. This unique approach, coupled with its specialization in Asia-related threats, sets it apart from competitors in the cybersecurity industry.

The surge in cyberattacks across Asia underscores the demand for targeted threat intelligence, making StealthMole’s dataset invaluable for customers globally. With Korea Investment Partners leading the Series A round, supported by Hibiscus Fund and Smilegate Investment, StealthMole is well-positioned to consolidate its position as a leader in dark web intelligence and cybersecurity.

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