SportsVisio Secures $3 Million Seed Round to Revolutionize Sports Analytics with AI



AI-powered software company SportsVisio has successfully raised a $3 million seed round led by Sapphire Sport, an innovative early-stage investment platform at the convergence of technology, media, entertainment, and sports. SportsVisio introduces revolutionary artificial intelligence (AI) technology to the amateur sports domain, enabling players, coaches, and parents to capture any game or live event on their smartphones. This technology empowers users to stream live content, access insightful analytics, review statistics, and generate highlights, all in real-time. With an emphasis on cost-effectiveness and platform flexibility, SportsVisio employs AI and computer vision to automate statistical analysis and content creation without requiring additional hardware.

Established in 2021 by CEO Jason Syversen and an experienced team, including COO Samuel Corbitt and CTO Dan Oblinger, who have a background in DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) and multiple startup ventures, SportsVisio’s $3 million seed round, led by Sapphire Sport, is allocated for advancing their next-generation AI technology and expanding their sales team. The company has already formed partnerships with leagues and media properties.

Jason Syversen, Founder and CEO of SportsVisio, highlighted the company’s focus on leveraging AI to create integrated products that cater to the expectations of a tech-savvy consumer base. He noted the transformative impact of the product on player training, coach recruitment, and league competition across all levels of sports.

Doug Higgins, Co-Founder of Sapphire Sport, emphasized the need for innovative solutions that combine advanced capabilities with consumer sports analytics. He believes SportsVisio’s offering taps into the future of how amateur and collegiate athletics utilize content to enhance their performance.

The SportsVisio platform employs AI and computer vision to automate analysis and content creation for participants, coaches, and observers. It facilitates seamless collection and presentation of highlights, while also analyzing statistics for individual players and teams, creating profiles and “lockers” for storing and distributing games and highlights via various social media channels. Additionally, the technology enables collaborative coaching functionalities, aiding teams and players in skill improvement.

Sapphire Sport, known for its intersection of technology, media, entertainment, and sports, introduced a $181 million second fund vehicle to invest in companies like SportsVisio. This platform-driven investment initiative focuses on technology-driven transformations in sports, media, and digital commerce, with previous investments including Overtime, Fevo, and Tonal.

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