SpecterOps raises $25 million to expand attack path management solutions and accelerate company growth


SpecterOps, a supplier of adversary-focused cybersecurity solutions based on unique insights into advanced threat actor tradecraft, said today that it has raised a $25 million Series A venture capital round led by Decibel.

This financing will help to accelerate the already rapid adoption of BloodHound Enterprise (BHE), the industry’s first platform for completely eliminating identity attack routes in Microsoft’s Active Directory (AD) and Azure AD.

It will also enhance the company’s research and development efforts. Other investors in this round include Mandiant CEO and founder Kevin Mandia, as well as Duo Security co-founders Jon Oberheide and Dug Song.

BloodHound Enterprise debuted in 2021, inspired by the success of SpecterOps’ BloodHound free and open source software (FOSS), which has become a wildly popular tool for penetration testers and red teamers to identify Attack Paths within on-premises Active Directory and Azure AD cloud environments.

In 2022, the platform had rapid client adoption, with considerable product revenue growth and new customer acquisition increasing by more than 600%. BloodHound Enterprise is now used globally by firms such as Capital Group, the University of Texas at Austin, and Woodside Energy.

SpecterOps is a cybersecurity solutions and services provider that specializes in deep adversary tradecraft knowledge to assist clients in detecting and defending against sophisticated attackers.

BloodHound, a penetration testing product that maps attack pathways in Active Directory and Azure settings, is one of the company’s extensively used free and open-source security toolkits. BloodHound has been suggested by the Department of Homeland Security, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and a number of other organizations.

The company’s first defense solution for enterprise security and identity teams is BloodHound Enterprise.

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