Spartan Raises $17M Series B


Spartan, a leading sensor software company, announced today that it has closed a $17 million Series B round led by 8VC and joined by Microsoft, Prime Movers Lab, MaC VC, Gaingels, and others. This demonstrates that, despite the start-up community’s significant economic headwinds, great technology and products with clear go-to-market strategies continue to attract investment. Spartan will use the funds to bring its flagship product, Ago, to market as well as to expand its product team and Commercial Vehicle Division in Detroit, Michigan. Spartan’s product improves the performance of existing radars, and its presence in Detroit allows it to maintain closer ties with its current Tier 1 and OEM partners who are testing and validating its software.

Spartan’s mission is to improve safety, reliability, and autonomy by deploying its software on every vehicle manufactured. Its flagship product, Ago, is a software solution that improves the resolution and range of driver assistance systems. This results in improved automatic emergency braking performance, fewer false detections, and the protection of vulnerable road users (VRUs). Spartan currently sells into the ADAS and commercial vehicle markets, in contrast to other new mobility start-ups that have struggled to commercialize due to the moonshot requirements of scaling fully autonomous vehicles.

Ago software powers Spartan’s commercial vehicle product, Hoplo, which eliminates blind spots along and behind commercial vehicles. Its products provide fleets and drivers with a 360-degree shield of protection.

Spartan co-founder and CEO Nathan Mintz said, “Fundraising during these difficult times proved our original thesis—building truly disruptive technology while being laser-focused on the market and our customers’ needs would win the day. Investors responded to our early progress with our customers and provided the funding to transform the global radar market.”

Spartan was created by the same people who have spent the last three decades using radar technology to protect America’s heroes. Unlike science projects or R&D endeavors, its technology and products have been forged in combat and are ready to disrupt the automotive mobility market.

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