Sona next-generation workforce management for frontline raises $27.5M


Sona, the innovative workforce management platform for frontline enterprises, has secured a remarkable $27.5 million in Series A funding led by Felicis. The round saw participation from Northzone, Google’s AI-fund Gradient, SpeedInvest, Antler, BAG Ventures, and several notable angels, marking a significant milestone for the company.

This latest funding round brings Sona’s total funding to over $40 million, underscoring investor confidence in its mission and growth potential. The infusion of capital will fuel Sona’s expansion efforts, enabling the company to strengthen its go-to-market function and enhance its AI capabilities.

Founded by Steffen Wulff Petersen, Oli Johnson, and Ben Dixon, Sona is revolutionizing workforce management for frontline enterprises. With over 4.6 million shifts created on its platform to date, Sona’s intelligent solutions empower organizations to optimize labor deployment effectively.

The frontline workforce, comprising nearly 2 billion individuals globally, has long been underserved by existing technology solutions. Sona seeks to address this gap by providing a sophisticated platform tailored to the unique needs of frontline industries such as social care and hospitality.

“Sona is building the next generation of WFM with a truly intelligent platform,” remarked Steffen Wulff Petersen, co-founder of Sona. “Our goal is to enable organizational leaders to seamlessly manage their workforce end-to-end, ultimately driving operational efficiency and enhancing the employee experience.”

In recent years, frontline enterprises have faced numerous challenges, including inflationary pressures, demand volatility, and labor shortages. Sona’s AI-powered solutions offer a compelling value proposition, enabling customers to achieve significant profit increases through accurate forecasting, data-driven productivity models, and automated scheduling.

“We believe in Sona’s potential to redefine how businesses in sectors like social care, restaurants, and hospitality manage their workforce,” stated Niki Pezeshki, General Partner at Felicis. “Sona has already helped over 100,000 frontline workers schedule shifts, and we’re excited to be part of their journey towards reshaping the future of work.”

Sona’s rapid growth and industry impact are testament to its commitment to innovation and customer success. With its modern technology stack and sector expertise, Sona is well-positioned to drive meaningful change in the workforce management landscape, empowering frontline enterprises to thrive in today’s dynamic environment.

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