Solum Partners closes Fund II with capital commitments of $850 million


Solum Partners , an investment management firm specializing in the food and agriculture industries, announced today the completion of its second fund, Solum Partners Fund II, L.P. and related vehicles . Fund II outperformed its initial target, raising $850 million in capital commitments from a diverse group of worldwide institutional investors.

Solum, which broke out from Harvard Management Company (HMC) in October 2020, takes a hands-on approach to investing in global large-scale agricultural operators, backed by the extensive industry experience of its staff of over 25 professionals.

Solum fosters local connections with industry leaders and is committed to attaining operational excellence and continual improvement across its portfolio.

Fund II invests in worldwide production assets across a wide range of crop types, including coffee, almonds, apples, and berries.

Solum remains committed to supporting the local communities in which it invests and aspires to achieve long-term impact through active portfolio management when deploying funds and managing assets.

As of March 31, 2023, Solum Partners, located in Boston, Massachusetts, managed roughly $1.9 billion in assets in the agriculture and food production industry.

The firm’s hands-on approach and industry experience are used to increase the value of its investments and provide excellent risk-adjusted returns to investors.

The firm’s strategy is anchored by a holistic approach to ESG and is driven by a focus on strong partnerships, operational excellence, and continual development.

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