Smalls has closed a $19 million round to become the market leader in cat-focused software.



Smalls, the first DTC fresh cat-only food brand, announced today that it has raised $19 million. Companion Fund led the latest round, with Left Lane Capital, Valor Capital, 301 INC, General Mills’ venture capital arm, and Ohio State University’s endowment fund also participating. Founder Collective is a new investor who participated in a previous round. Since its inception in 2017, the brand has generated enough revenue to feed over 100,000 cats.

This investment from some of the biggest names in legacy pet food reflects an industry consensus that high-quality pet care is not going away, and the premium pet food space will continue to complement the industry as it grows.

Smalls is revolutionizing cat food with ultra-high protein, human-grade fresh food for healthier, more energetic cats. For over a century, cats’ needs have been prioritized over those of their canine counterparts, as pet brands tailor products to appeal to the dog-loving consumer, resulting in a product that is not nutritionally sound for felines.

Smalls will use the funds to further its mission of producing fresh food for cat health in a humane and sustainable manner. The funds will be used to make Smalls more accessible as the DTC-founded brand expands its product offerings and enters retail for the first time.

With a strong cat-first brand but a people-first culture, Smalls’ team is one of the most diverse in the pet industry. During a time of mass layoffs, the recent fundraise will help increase headcount by nearly 25% while offering employees a fully remote, 4-day work week.

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