Skyline Robotics Completes $3.35M Funding Round to Expand Business Operations


Skyline Robotics, the creators of OZMO, the world’s pioneering high-rise window-cleaning robot, has successfully concluded a funding round, securing a total of $3.35 million. The funds were raised through a SAFE Note (Simple Agreement for Future Equity) and will be utilized to support the company’s business operations plan for 2023. This latest funding round brings Skyline Robotics’ total raised capital to $12 million.

Despite prevailing economic challenges, Skyline Robotics has maintained its appeal to investors and achieved funding on favorable terms, a rarity in today’s market climate. Michael Brown, CEO of Skyline Robotics, emphasized the company’s attractiveness to investors, attributed to its proven milestones, sound business strategy, and strong demand for its robotic solution.

Skyline Robotics recently acquired key patents in Japan and Singapore for its Ozmo window-cleaning platform, a testament to its innovative prowess. The company is actively engaged in a global expansion initiative, with its first robots already operational in New York City and comprehensive go-to-market strategies underway for major cities worldwide.

At the forefront of Skyline’s technological achievements is their flagship robot, OZMO, which seamlessly integrates artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer vision, advanced robotics, and cutting-edge sensors. OZMO addresses crucial industry challenges such as labor shortages and worker safety. The company’s remarkable innovations have garnered recognition, including the 2023 RBR50 Robotics Innovation Award from Robotics Business Review in the Technology, Products, and Services category, underscoring Skyline Robotics’ pivotal role in advancing the field of robotics on a global scale.

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