Sindri Raises $5M in Seed Funding Led by CoinFund to Scale Zero-Knowledge DevOps Platform

The funding will facilitate team expansion, grow the developer network, and further develop a comprehensive zero-knowledge developer stack.


Sindri, an infrastructure platform specializing in zero-knowledge-proof technology, has successfully closed a $5 million seed financing round. The investment, spearheaded by CoinFund, also saw participation from notable investors in chip design, signal processing, high-performance computing, cryptography, and blockchain. Sindri aims to enhance data integrity globally by empowering developers and organizations to leverage zero-knowledge technology securely.

The funding will facilitate team expansion, grow the developer network, and further develop a comprehensive zero-knowledge developer stack.

Zero-Knowledge Proofs for Enhanced Confidentiality and Scalability

Zero-knowledge proofs allow cryptographic statements to be verified without disclosing specific details about the statement, preserving confidentiality, privacy, and improving scalability. While widely used in blockchain, zero-knowledge proofs have diverse applications, from transaction verification to machine learning. Sindri addresses the challenges of existing solutions by providing an intuitive, framework-agnostic platform.

Sindri’s Approach to Developer Productivity

Sindri accelerates developer productivity through a serverless solution that offers low-latency deployment, over 2x faster end-to-end proving speeds on average, and on-demand scalability. The platform caters to a diverse user base, including zkML platforms, Layer 2 solutions, ZK coprocessors, ZK researchers, and organizations in web2 seeking to leverage zero-knowledge proofs.

Developer-First Approach and Industry Support

Sindri adopts a developer-first approach, providing transparency, control, and customization to adapt to emerging protocols and frameworks. The platform is built by a team of experienced developers from industry leaders such as Apple and AWS, with specializations in DevOps, security, and cryptography. The funding round follows Sindri’s successful $2 million pre-seed funding in June 2022.

CoinFund’s Backing and the Future of Zero-Knowledge Technology

Jake Brukhman, CEO of CoinFund, expressed pride in supporting Sindri, noting the platform’s contribution to zero-knowledge computation. Zero-knowledge proofs are gaining traction in blockchain scalability, interoperability, web3, AI intersections, and off-chain computation for blockchains. The partnership with CoinFund is expected to propel Sindri’s mission to bring verifiable computation to general computation and support a broader market over time.

Sindri’s Vision for Data Integrity

Stasia Carson, Co-founder of Sindri, emphasized the platform’s mission to verify the world’s digital data integrity. Sindri collaborates with forward-thinking teams and protocols, offering developers advanced tools to push the capabilities of their applications using zero-knowledge technology.

Expanding Opportunities and Future Growth

Sindri, with its developer-centric focus, scalable platform, and mission to champion security and privacy, is poised for future growth. The platform is actively seeking exceptional candidates across various disciplines to contribute to advancing zero-knowledge technology and ensuring data integrity on a global scale.

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