Shelpful Raises $3 Million from Sam Altman’s Apollo


Shelpful, a company combining artificial intelligence with human support, has secured $3 million in seed funding from Apollo Projects, led by Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI. Shelpful offers a platform where users can choose between an AI Productivity Assistant (HabitGPT), a real-human Accountability Coach (Shelper), or both in a 3-way chat. The platform aims to help individuals build lasting habits and tackle daily tasks by providing nudges, reminders, and support.

Shelpful’s offerings include HabitGPT, an AI Productivity Assistant that operates over WhatsApp, interacting with users to keep them on track, checking to-do lists, providing personalized reminders, and offering suggestions. The platform’s human Accountability Coach, known as a Shelper, enters the chat alongside HabitGPT for users who choose both options. The Shelper checks in on goals, reflects on progress, and provides support and accountability.

The service is designed to assist individuals overwhelmed by tasks, with a focus on supporting adults with ADHD, those navigating life transitions, parents, and students. Users can set and achieve goals related to health, hygiene, mindset, home care, self-care, creative pursuits, career pursuits, time management, and more.

Sharon Pope, CEO and co-founder of Shelpful, shared her personal struggle with undiagnosed ADHD and the inspiration behind creating the service. The platform aims to combine the warmth of human support with the power of AI to bring a new level of support to individuals in an AI-driven world.

Shelpful memberships include a free one-week trial, with prices starting at $10 per week. The company plans to enhance its AI capabilities, introducing features such as advanced habit and task completion reporting and exploring the introduction of AI-hosted Accountability Groups. Additionally, Shelpful aims to forge partnerships with professional coaches to offer a comprehensive approach to personal development and health.

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