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ShapesXR Raises $8.6 Million to Expand Immersive Apps and Collaboration Platform


ShapesXR, a startup specializing in spatial apps creation and collaboration, has successfully secured $8.6 million in new funding. The investment will be used to expand the platform’s capabilities to new devices, including Apple Vision Pro, Pico, and Magic Leap.

Founded in 2016 as Shapes Corp., ShapesXR provides a web-based platform that empowers users to create immersive scenes and populate them with essential artifacts. The company’s mission is to democratize 3D content creation and spatial design, allowing both technical and non-technical users to craft 3D designs, prototype immersive apps like virtual reality and augmented reality games, and collaborate on real-world projects.

ShapesXR’s platform enables consumers and enterprises to design fully immersive content with 3D objects, environments, mock-ups, and experience labs. The platform also includes storytelling capabilities that allow designers to showcase interactive content coming to life in the real world. It is designed to be accessible to a wide range of users, including product owners, producers, and stakeholders contributing to the product development process.

Prominent companies, including Meta Platforms Inc., Logitech International SA, ByteDance Technology Ltd., Qualcomm Inc., FitXR Inc., Pico Interactive Inc., Nanome Ltd., and Tripp LLC, utilize ShapesXR’s platform to create apps and virtual spaces. ShapesXR has garnered praise from industry leaders, with Meta founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg referring to it as “one of the most promising VR applications.”

ShapesXR’s seed funding round was led by Supernode Global LLC and included participation from various other companies, such as Triptyq Ventures LLC, Boost VC Management Co. LLC, Hartmann Capital LLC, Geek Ventures LLC, The WXR Fund LLC, and more.

Inga Petryaevskaya, Founder and CEO of ShapesXR, emphasized the platform’s role in democratizing 3D content creation and enabling anyone to become a VR, AR, and mixed-reality storyteller. The funding will further enhance the platform’s accessibility and capabilities, driving innovation in immersive app creation and collaboration.

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