Series A Preferred Investment Round for Toku Inc.



Toku Inc., a pioneer in the use of artificial intelligence-powered diagnostic and screening tools in retinal imaging, announced today the completion of its $8 million Series A Preferred fundraising round.

National Vision, Inc. one of the top optical retailers in the United States, and Topcon Healthcare, a leading provider of medical devices and software solutions to the global eye care community, co-led the financing.

Toku will benefit from the financing round by accelerating the development of technologies that use artificial intelligence to evaluate retinal images for biometric markers connected to overall health and the risk of cardiovascular events, stroke, and diabetes. Toku applies its technology to leading retinal cameras to maximize market access.
Toku Inc. is a cutting-edge technology business that specializes in developing non-invasive, AI-powered diagnostic and screening tools that detect cardiovascular and other health risk factors via retinal imaging. The BioAge Test, the company’s flagship product, analyzes several biometric markers in the body using modern imaging techniques to correctly calculate an individual’s biological age.

The test is highly accurate and can provide a complete report on a person’s overall health as well as prospective health risks such as cardiovascular disease and stroke. Toku is committed to making its technology widely available, and the BioAge Test will soon be offered through major global partnerships.

The company’s technology is based on the most recent artificial intelligence research, and its team of experts comprises prominent scientists and medical professionals.

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