Saleor Secures $8M in Seed Extension Round for Open Source E-Commerce Platform


Saleor, a composable e-commerce platform, has announced the closure of an $8 million Seed extension round. Founded in Poland in 2020 by Mirek Mencel and Patryk Zawadzki, Saleor is an open-source, GraphQL-first e-commerce platform designed to serve high-volume companies with a modern stack and user-friendly dashboard.

Saleor’s platform follows a headless architecture, separating the front-end presentation layer from the back-end functionality. This approach allows for greater flexibility in content delivery across various e-commerce platforms.

In 2021, Saleor closed a $2.5 million Seed round to develop its SaaS cloud offering, resulting in adoption by renowned brands such as Lush and Breitling.

The funding round is led by Target Global, with participation from Kevin Mahaffey, Cherry Ventures, Zalando, and TQ Ventures. Saleor plans to utilize the funds to drive growth, expand its agency program, and enhance its core product.

Zalando, a participant in the funding round, aims to explore collaborative opportunities based on a shared vision for scalable multimarket commerce. Saleor CEO Mirek Mencel expressed excitement about welcoming Target Global and Zalando to the Saleor team. He emphasized the company’s commitment to establishing Saleor as the most composable and multimarket-ready platform while prioritizing the developer community’s involvement.

Lina Chong, Partner at Target Global, praised Saleor’s thriving open-source community, robust SaaS offering, and forward-thinking vision, aligning with Target Global’s focus on global commerce businesses.

Jan Bartels, SVP B2B at Zalando, highlighted Zalando’s initiative, ZEOS, which aims to offer brands and retailers a holistic solution for multi-channel sales. Bartels sees Saleor’s vision, offering, and expertise as complementary to Zalando’s goals, potentially enhancing capabilities in exposing convenient delivery options through the Saleor checkout.

The latest funding round underscores Saleor’s commitment to innovation and collaboration, positioning the company to further disrupt the e-commerce landscape and empower businesses with scalable and flexible solutions.

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