Saleo Raises $13M to Transform Demo Experiences with AI-powered Automation


Saleo, the pioneering creator of the world’s first live demo automation platform, has announced a successful funding round, raising $13 million from prominent investors Emergence Capital and Tech Square Ventures. This substantial investment is set to propel Saleo’s innovative approach to demo experiences, leveraging generative AI-driven modeling to personalize demos with real data, dramatically reducing sales cycles and enhancing deal win rates by up to 74%.

Saleo Live™, Saleo’s groundbreaking solution, revolutionizes SaaS demo environments. By seamlessly integrating generative AI-driven modeling with existing native software products, Saleo Live™ empowers sales teams to create tailored, data-complete live demos without the need for clones or copies.

This innovative approach ensures full functionality of the native app while providing a highly compelling and authentic demo experience. Unlike traditional methods that require extensive data creation, design, and personalization, Saleo Live™ enables the creation of fully customized demos within moments. Sales teams can modify data in real-time, tailoring demos to prospects’ needs and ensuring the most up-to-date and compelling presentation.

Before Saleo and after Saleo
Before Saleo and after Saleo / PRNewswire

Leading SaaS companies such as Outreach, Drift, Clari, Zuora, and Salesloft have embraced Saleo Live™ to revolutionize their go-to-market strategies. The platform has demonstrated its effectiveness by reducing both sales cycles and demo preparation time by 50%, increasing pre-sales Net Promoter Scores (NPS) by 2x, and boosting deal win rates by an impressive 74% on average.

Before adopting Saleo, sales engineers spent significant time on demo maintenance, which was streamlined to zero after implementation, resulting in crucial efficiency gains, especially in the challenging economic climate affecting SaaS revenue.

“With Saleo, we’ve reduced our weekly demo maintenance time by 100%,” said Ryan Splain, Principal Demo Solutions Engineer at Salesloft. “NPS for our global presales team jumped from 4.5 to 9/10, and the Salesloft product has never looked more relevant, data complete, or valuable – something we couldn’t have done without Saleo.”

Saleo’s innovative approach stems from an experienced team deeply familiar with the challenges faced by modern sales and marketing teams. Co-founder & CEO Justin McDonald, Co-founder & CPO Daniel Hellerman, and Co-founder & Lead Engineer Alexey Svetliakov have leveraged their expertise to create a solution that addresses a significant gap in the market.

“We’ve worked for years to perfect our AI modeling engine so that it represents a true breakthrough in how demos work — from how they’re created and maintained, to the impact they make on sales and revenue,” says Saleo Co-founder & CEO Justin McDonald. “This has helped us attract some of the biggest brands in SaaS as customers, and with this round, we’re excited to be solving this deeply felt go-to-market problem for many more teams.”

The funding injection will be instrumental in expanding Saleo’s product and engineering capabilities, strengthening its go-to-market efforts, and rapidly reaching customers globally with both Saleo Live™ and Capture™ products. Saleo’s technical advantage and its commitment to transforming demo experiences have positioned it as a leader in the demo automation category, with a significant head start in the market.

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