Sagetap Secures $6.8 Million to Fuel AI-Powered B2B SaaS Marketplace


Sagetap, a San Francisco startup bringing AI to the world of B2B SaaS procurement, has closed a successful $6.8 million funding round. This investment, led by NFX, Uncorrelated Ventures, Emergent Ventures, and even 15 of Sagetap’s own satisfied customers, will be used to fuel the company’s growth on multiple fronts.

Founded in 2019 by Sahil Khanna and Kevin Hughes, Sagetap boasts a unique AI-powered marketplace that streamlines the process of finding the perfect software solution for businesses. Their platform caters specifically to tech executives facing challenges in areas like AI infrastructure, cybersecurity, and cloud management. By leveraging AI’s matching capabilities, Sagetap connects these executives with the most relevant B2B SaaS vendors, saving them valuable time and resources.

“We have the first online platform that helps tech buyers anonymously discover and meet with B2B SaaS startups solving their biggest problems,” said Sahil Khanna, CEO of Sagetap. This highlights the platform’s commitment to both buyer anonymity and fostering connections that directly address specific business needs.

The company’s impressive traction is further emphasized by its cash-flow positive status and a remarkable 3x year-over-year revenue growth. This funding will allow them to expand their network of leading tech executives, bolster their product recommendation engine’s AI capabilities, and further develop decision-support tools specifically designed to empower buyers.

Sagetap’s unique approach to the B2B SaaS landscape not only benefits tech buyers but also creates a valuable platform for vendors. The platform allows vendors to target specific buyers with paid campaigns, conduct meetings, and solicit anonymous feedback – all within the Sagetap ecosystem.

This successful funding round positions Sagetap to become a major player in the B2B SaaS marketplace, offering a win-win situation for both tech buyers and vendors through the power of AI-driven connections.

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