Roofr Secures $23.5 Million Investment to Enhance Roofing Software Solutions


Roofr, the rapidly expanding roofing software company, has successfully secured $23.5 million in funding to bolster its innovative platform. The investment, led by Vertical Venture Partners and featuring major contributions from ABC Supply Co, signifies a pivotal moment for Roofr. This substantial funding will be instrumental in advancing their revolutionary roofing solutions, including their recently launched CRM and upcoming features such as Payment Processing and Material Purchasing.

The strategic partnership with ABC Supply Co, the largest roofing supplier in North America, underlines the promising future of Roofr’s platform. This collaboration aims to foster innovation and value for roofing contractors across North America by providing them access to Roofr’s cutting-edge CRM software. This technology is poised to make roofing businesses more efficient, resilient, and streamlined.

Founded by Richard Nelson, a third-generation roofer, Roofr has gained prominence for its exceptional service, affordable measurement reports, precise estimates, and user-friendly interface. With this new funding, Roofr plans to enhance its existing tools, including Roofr Measurement Reports and Proposals, and introduce new features based on valuable feedback from roofers. The company recently unveiled its highly anticipated CRM, offering features like Workflows, Tasks, Job Boards, and an Analytics Dashboard. Roofr also plans to roll out Payments, Material Purchasing, and Customer Communications by the end of 2023. These additions will enable roofers to accept payments, provide financing options, send invoices, and seamlessly integrate with accounting software.

The funding will empower Roofr to accelerate development and realize their vision of creating an all-in-one platform for roofers. This includes focusing on improving existing tools and creating new features to address the specific needs and challenges faced by roofing professionals. Roofr’s CEO, Richard Nelson, expressed his enthusiasm for the investment, emphasizing the company’s commitment to transforming the roofing industry.

He stated, “This additional capital will give us the opportunity to be proactive at a time when others are cautious and continue to build our end-to-end roofing software even faster. Partnering with esteemed companies like ABC Supply allows us to accelerate our mission and create a platform that redefines the roofing industry.”

With this funding, Roofr plans to expand its team across various departments, strengthening its capabilities and enhancing its ability to innovate. The company’s strategic growth initiatives include hiring top talent in engineering, research, product development, sales, and marketing. These expansions will enable Roofr to meet the evolving needs of its expanding customer base and drive sustainable growth.

Roofr’s success story resonates with users like Ben Morrow, owner of ROOF TIGER, who praised Roofr for transforming his business operations. He noted that Roofr’s accurate measurements, customized proposals, instant estimates, and transformative CRM have significantly streamlined his roofing projects, helping him secure more jobs.

This significant funding round solidifies Roofr’s position as a game-changer in the roofing industry, paving the way for further innovation and efficiency in the sector.

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