Rive Raises $10M Series A


Rive, a provider of real-time animation software, announced today a $10 million Series A round sponsored by Two Sigma Ventures. This financing will help Rive’s cloud collaboration tool for producing animated images that can run anywhere get off the ground. This funding comes on the heels of a previously reported $4 million seed round spearheaded by Andreessen Horowitz (a16z).

As the barriers between designer and coder blur, the typical method for bringing an animated picture to life requires significant refinement. Designers today employ technologies to create 2D, static pictures, which are then passed on to software programmers who create interactive features for consumers.

This results in unnecessary back and forth between the designer and the engineer at every level of production, wasting time and resources. Rive consolidates this important cooperation into a single platform, allowing designers to create genuine interactions (rather than just mockups or prototypes) and think like developers without writing code. As a result, developers save time on design iterations and may deploy modifications immediately from Rive’s platform.

The interactive graphics toolkits have not caught up with the demands for modern design software to be quick, light, and cross-platform compatible. Rive offers an all-in-one platform for designers and developers to reach new audiences through interactivity, which is why companies such as Google, Samsung, Philips, WHOOP, Duolingo, Sonos, Atlassian, and others rely on Rive’s software to bring their ideas to life. Animations produced with Rive’s platform are smaller, require less memory, and run faster than any other design format available today.

Rive is changing the way designers and developers work together by enabling creatives to build animated interactive experiences that run faster, store smaller, and use less memory than existing design solutions. This new workflow allows designers and developers to focus on what each does best, eliminating the need for a complicated handoff.

Creative teams can iterate freely on graphics like animated UI, characters, heads-up displays, hero moments, buttons, icons, and emojis. Rive saves companies time and engineering resources, empowering designers to produce interactive content from ideation to production.

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