Rewst Raises $21.5 Million to Grow Product Development, Robotic Operations Center

Rewst Raises $21.5 Million


Rewst, a company that provides MSPs with robotic process automation (RPA), has obtained $21.5 million in funding to further product development. The finance, led by OpenView, will enable quick development and the expansion of the company’s robotic operations center (ROC).

The funds will be used to expand the company’s Robotic Operations Center (ROC) and to support integrations with other MSP software tools.

The business created a multi-tenant RPA platform, which was backed up by the industry’s first robotic operations center (ROC).

Rewst is deeply integrated with over 30 of the most popular MSP products. The company integrates technologies to automate routine manual processes that consume a considerable portion of MSPs’ time. Everything from phishing remediation to billing reconciliation is covered.

Rewst sought a relationship with venture capital firm OpenView, an organization that generally promotes software firms, for finance.

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