Responsiv Raises $3M to Build the AI Assistant for In-House Legal


Responsiv, an AI Assistant tailored for in-house legal teams, has successfully secured $3 million in seed funding led by Greylock. The funding round also saw participation from OnDean (the family office of Relativity founder Andrew Sieja), Permanent Capital Ventures, and Julius Genachowski. Responsiv’s platform empowers attorneys to harness the capabilities of AI, significantly reducing research time and providing legal answers within minutes.

In-house attorneys often face complex questions spanning diverse products, jurisdictions, and subject matters. Traditionally, they had limited options: consult expensive external counsel or rely on conventional legal research platforms, which often involve hours of sifting through cases and legal treatises. Responsiv addresses this challenge by utilizing generative AI to deliver reliable and verifiable legal insights, a critical requirement in the legal field.

Jordan Domash, CEO and Co-Founder of Responsiv, emphasized the platform’s mission: “We’re delivering on the promise of generative AI for legal teams, by solving the trust and verifiability gap. In-house attorneys don’t have time for traditional legal research. We started Responsiv to help these teams, who already have too much on their plate, find what they need.”

Responsiv allows attorneys to describe their queries in natural language, receiving trusted answers supported by verifiable references. It aggregates relevant statutes, cases, regulatory guidance, and legal analysis, generating comprehensive responses enriched with in-line references. The platform not only facilitates fact-finding but also generates clauses, templates, or policies aligned with the query output.

Compared to conventional research methods, Responsiv significantly reduces research time, condensing the process from several hours to just 90 seconds. For complex research projects like multi-state surveys, which might require weeks of work or cost substantial amounts when outsourced to external counsel, Responsiv offers substantial cost and time savings for legal teams.

Greylock Partner Mike Duboe highlighted the transformative potential of Generative AI in the legal field and praised Responsiv’s focus on in-house legal teams, underscoring the team’s expertise and empathy for the problem, which aligns with Greylock’s investment philosophy.

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