ReSeed Raises $4.6 Million to Expand Climate Financing for Social Impact


ReSeed, an AI-powered provider of regenerative nature-based services, has announced a successful seed round of $4.6 million, led by One Small Planet, with participation from Thorn Partners and angel investors, including Baratunde Thurston and Elizabeth Stewart. This funding will support ReSeed’s expansion into the commercial market.

ReSeed offers a globally scalable climate solution with significant measurable social impact. The company partners with smallholder farmers worldwide to monetize their substantial, largely unpaid global impact. It brings carbon credits directly from farmers to the market, creating the first carbon credits with traceability from the beginning to the end of their lifecycle.

This funding will facilitate the growth of ReSeed’s partnerships with farmers worldwide, allowing them to continue their essential work while addressing issues in legacy carbon markets through auditable data, advanced technology, and a scalable approach.

Vasco van Roosmalen, co-founder and CEO of ReSeed, emphasizes the crucial role of smallholder farmers in carbon storage and global food security. ReSeed’s approach engages people as part of the solution to the climate crisis, significantly reducing legacy carbon in the atmosphere while providing fundamental co-benefits for communities.

Baratunde Thurston, Emmy-nominated host, producer, New York Times Best Selling writer, and public speaker, highlights ReSeed’s unique contribution to carbon markets. ReSeed’s “farm fresh carbon credits” ensure compensation goes to communities that have done the least to exacerbate climate change but are suffering the most from its effects.

ReSeed’s innovative approach aligns with a growing demand for equitable climate solutions. It combines technological advancements with a commitment to benefiting both people and the planet, making it a promising investment in the future of climate tech.

The funding underscores the potential of ReSeed’s work, highlighting its ability to merge climate solutions with social impact, especially among underserved communities. ReSeed’s mission reflects the evolving priorities in the climate tech sector, where solutions must not only address environmental challenges but also promote equity and support vulnerable populations.

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