Red Arrow Therapeutics raised $4.5M Seed funding round


Red Arrow Therapeutics Inc. has successfully closed a Seed Extension round, securing $4.5 million from four esteemed institutional investors based in Japan. This brings the total funding raised by the company to nearly $5.5 million, including previous investments from The University of Tokyo Edge Capital Partners Co., Ltd., SkyDeck, the accelerator affiliated with the University of California, Berkeley, and other sources of non-dilutive funding.

Founded in 2021 as a spinoff from the University of Tokyo’s Cabral Lab, Red Arrow Therapeutics Inc. specializes in the development of pH-sensing nanomedicine drug delivery technologies, with a focus on various therapeutic areas including oncology. Based in Boston, Massachusetts, the company is dedicated to advancing cutting-edge technology to address the needs of patients worldwide.

The funds from the Seed extension round will facilitate crucial preclinical studies to assess the safety and effectiveness of the company’s lead compound, IL-12-loaded nanopolymeric micelles. Additionally, the investment will support the initiation of manufacturing activities through collaborations with external partners.

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