Reach, a Silicon Valley startup that wirelessly beams electricity has raised $30 million


Reach Labs

Reach Inc., a startup providing long-distance wireless power, whose field-tested, proven technology offers more point-to-multipoint power across longer distances than any other device on the market, announced today a $30 million Series B fundraising round headed by deep-tech venture capital company DCVC.

Reach’s commercial solutions will offer hundreds of watts of electricity wirelessly, connect point-to-multipoint, and transmit over tens of meters—and its defense-related technologies will deliver considerably more power over far longer distances. The company’s new capability has the potential to change how we power the billions of gadgets that comprise the Internet of Things (IoT).

Reach can untether power in the same manner that Wi-Fi untethered data and internet access in industrial, supply-chain, and government environments.

The Reach power platform is extremely scalable, secure, and simple to use. It is based on cutting-edge, patent-protected technology such as high-efficiency power-beaming circuits, optimization algorithms, and adaptive electromagnetic surfaces. A single Reach transmitter can power a large number of end devices.

Reach is well-positioned to solve a wide range of power-related issues with this new investment. The company is trying to eliminate charging downtime for autonomous vehicles and drones, as well as to enable the smooth deployment of temporary microgrids for emergency response and military field operations, and to power billions of IoT devices worldwide. Eliminating batteries from these applications will have a significant environmental impact as well as financial savings.

Reach is led by a broad collection of industry professionals in electrical engineering, networking, and technological infrastructure. Chris Davlantes, the company’s CEO and founder, is well recognized as a pioneering wireless power technologist. Matt Glenn, Chief Product Officer, and Jeff White, Chief Commercial Officer, created and grew innovative firms such as Gainspeed, Illumio, Airespace, and Packet Engines that produced groundbreaking technology while creating billions of dollars in value.

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