Ratio Therapeutics Announces $20M Series A Financing


Ratio Therapeutics Inc., a pharmaceutical company specializing in the development of targeted radiotherapeutics for cancer treatment, announced today the completion of its Series A financing round, bringing the total raised to date to more than $40 million.

Duquesne Capital and Schusterman Family Investments led the latest round, with Kenan Turnacioglu, Ph.D., General Partner at Catalio Capital Management representing them and joining as an executive advisor, as well as continued significant participation from existing investors.

The proceeds will be used to optimize and broaden the company’s proprietary TrilliumTM and MacropaTM technology platforms, accelerate the discovery and development of targeted radiotherapies and diagnostics by leveraging the platforms’ tunable nature to advance programs through clinical-stage development, and expand the team through hiring and forming new strategic partnerships.

Ratio was founded in June 2022 by entrepreneurial scientists Jack Hoppin, Ph.D., and John Babich, Ph.D., with over $20 million in seed funding and fully funded development alliances with Bayer and Lantheus Holdings Inc. Since then, the company has advanced its collaboration programs, established new internal discovery and preclinical programs, implemented a comprehensive intellectual property strategy in targeted radiotherapies and diagnostics, and filed a slew of patent applications.

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